School Visits

Penny visits primary and secondary schools to talk about her books, share her writing skills and the process of creative writing, working with students of all abilities including those who are struggling with literacy or are gifted and talented.

At primary level she runs creative workshops, one of which resulted in 30 Year 2 children writing their own little animal books (and their very dedicated teachers burning the midnight oil to make up the paper ears and tails they had designed to go with their stories!) 

She has worked with older children to create real books of words and illustrations, based on The Blackest Hole in Space, and run a ‘We are Authors’ workshop over a week, working with each yeargroup from Reception to Year 6 on different projects, resulting in a wonderful ‘whole school’ celebration of reading and writing.

At secondary level, Penny leads creative writing workshops for groups of children as well as giving inspirational talks to students.

If you want to talk to Penny about giving a talk, running a workshop or visiting your school please email her direct at