Previous Titles by Penny

The Biggest Hole in the World

Charlie, his dad and Doggo the dog are at the seaside. 

Charlie decides to dig the biggest hole he can in the sand;
nothing strange here you might think … until he falls in!

Travel with Charlie through the layers of the earth,  into the centre
and out the other side. 

Be prepared for some surprises … you never know what is hidden beneath your feet!

The Biggest Hole in the World
Hodder – 2004
Illustrated by Stephen M Hansen

Furry Tales

Find a whole new way to read and play with Furry tales!

Put on your ears and tail and be a baby animal for a day!

Furry Tales – set of eight interactive novelty books with ears and tails.
Tiger, Monkey, Piglet, Bunny, Mouse, Panda, Pony and Hare.
Hodder – 2002
Illustrated by Jane McQuillan